GNOME thanks Endless for Gold Sponsorship of GUADEC

GNOME thanks Endless for sponsoring GUADEC, our primarily developer conference at the Gold level. GUADEC is the yearly conference that brings together GNOME contributors from around the world for three days of talks and discussions.

Endless was founded in 2012 with a single mission: to make computing universally accessible by solving the barriers of cost, connectivity, and ease of use. The flagship product is called Endless OS, a fully functional operating system designed for emerging markets. Endless is built on the GNOME stack and is intuitive for users who have no experience with technology. It works well with extremely poor internet connections and makes use of heavy caching to help users access the content they need in areas with little access to internet. It comes with over 100 apps so that it’s useful from the moment you turn it on – even if you don’t have an internet connection. Endless has created apps packed with valuable content for education, health, wellness, parenting, small business, and many other areas to help users achieve the best in life. Endless’ vision is for users to be the co-creators of a vibrant app ecosystem that solves real-life challenges and is building a toolkit to enable everyone, regardless of technical expertise, to participate in creating locally relevant content.