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The province landscapes are extraordinaire. You can find three or more different climates/ecosystems in an hour travel car.

Usually our visitants fall in love with the Cabo de Gata-Níjar Natural Park, a sea and land protected space said to be one of the best places in Spain to dive.

When in Almería you can take the opportunity to spend a few days resting here. But be sure to do your reservations soon enough since is tourist high season.

Since probably it will be the first time you'll visit Almería and theses parts of Spain we feel you could take the opportunity to travel with your family.

Arabic Well

So they can have a parallel set of activities of active tourism both in the city or in any of the beautiful landscapes, specially the Cabo de Gata-Níjar Natural Park. Indeed you could want to spent holidays time after GUADEC with your significant ones. An you'll find a lot of companies offering outdoors activities:

  • tracking routes, both in park and other places in the province
  • bus guided visits to beautiful places, both in park and other places in the province
  • horse riding
  • snorkeling in the natural park waters
  • scuba diving baptisms in the natural park waters
  • kayak routes in the natural park waters

Almeria's Alcazaba

The city of Almería has its own offers:

There is an Almería Tourist Guide application for Android.

Very near the city (less than 30 Km far):

Recreation of Los Millares

A bit more far there are some nice destinations:

W̶h̶e̶r̶e̶ How to eat in Almería

Spanish typical tapas

Well, as you can imagine we have restaurants and other meal shops here, but what we really love is to go for «tapas» :-)

Almería locals and visitors love to eat tapas. When meeting to eat with friends we tipically go to one or several bars and eat several tapas. In Almería each tapa includes a beverage (usually wine, beer or grape juice) and an appetizer. Obviously you can drink any other beverage but it's not included in the standard price. Do you can have a full lunch with tapas? Yes, sure. The rule of thumb is you can have a meal with three tapas. Going for tapas is specially popular for dinner.

So, remember, the ideal way to have your dinner in Almería is going to tapas and as reference you can use these routes of tapas:

Western town

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