No vacancies at Civitas

Well, this happened: there is no more rooms in Civitas for the core days.

Please check the other lodging alternatives page.

The nearest to Civitas accomodation places are:

Civitas dormitory

Civitas building

The main option and our recommended accommodation for this year is Residencia Civitas (view the promotional video).

Civitas is a students dormitory with enough space for all GUADEC attendees and with great facilities. It is about 5 minutes away from the bus and train station. It is in a great location because of the transport connections to the university and also with the center of Almería.

If you are looking for someone to share a room with, you can list yourself or get in touch with people using this wiki page.


GUADEC attendes have a special price for Civitas dormitory:

Single room

Single room on Civitas

  • 32.75 € per night, breakfast included
  • 42.10 € per night, breakfast and evening dinner included

Twin room

  • 46.75 € per night, breakfast included
  • 56.10 € per night, breakfast and evening dinner included

Twin room on Civitas

When making your reservation, remember that there is dinner available at some of the planned evening events.

Sharing a twin room

You want to share a twin room but travel alone? Add yourself to the the list at dedicated wiki page.

Common rooms

Each floor has a common room with where you can relax and chat with other attendees.

Booking process

In order to book a room and get the GUADEC rates, send an email to with "GUADEC 2018 reservation" and use the template below when making the reservation, remove the options you don't want from the two "I want a:" sections. Prices are per room/per night.

Dear Residencia Civitas,

My name is FULL_NAME and I want to make a reservation for the GUADEC 2018 conference at the University of Almería.

I want a: - Single room - Double (two beds) room, for me and FULL_NAME_2

Dates: - check-in day: - check-out day:

And I want: - Half board (breakfast and evening dinner) - Bed and Breakfast

Please confirm the reservation.

Kind regards,


Advertisement: When you make your reservation, you need to pay 50% in order to secure it. The payment must be done 15 days before your arrival. If you're waiting for your VISA, mention it in the email and the dormitory will not request the 50%.


Calle Fernán Caballero, 1, Almería (Spain).

How to arrive

From the airport

By bus

  1. The bus stop at the airport is the number 188 (you can check the wait time).
  2. You need to take Line 30 (1,05 €).
  3. Line 30 connects the city, the airport and the suburbs of Retamar (end of line). Since the bus stop is the same in both directions asks bus driver it's going back to the city. If not, you can choose either get the bus and pay again at end of line or wait till the bus take the route back from the suburbs.
  4. Get off at "Estación Intermodal", bus stop #292 (you can check the wait time). This is just outside the bus and train station.
  5. Walk 5 minutes to Civitas (check the OpenStreetMap route).

By taxi

You can use the PideTaxi application:

Or phone / Telegram Whatsapp at: +34667226122

If you have a problem to choose the correct destination use the alternative «Nuestra Señora de Montserrat, 102, Almería».


Surbus Gregorio Mara

For the core days the conference will setup a direct bus from CIVITAS to the campus. We'll announce the precise time a few days before the conference.

The bus will make stops at: