Photography is a common part of GNOME events. These events are an important opportunity for GNOME to get images for marketing and fundraising purposes, and people therefore may be taking photographs at our request or encouragement. There may also be press photographers present.

We recognize that some attendees might not want to have their picture taken, or that it might make them feel uncomfortable. If this applies to you, the GUADEC organisers will do their best to ensure that your wishes are complied with.

Guidelines for attendees


At the registration booth there will be badges available in two colors:

  • BLUE - you are okay with your photo being taken
  • ORANGE - you are NOT okay with your photo being taken

Please choose the badge color that respects your wishes. We expect photographers to be observant and respect this.

At conference sessions

At the rooms for conference sessions, there will be a designated sitting area for people who do not want their picture taken as part of group photos within the room; you are free to sit there if you don't want to be photographed.

Guidelines for photographers

Don't take pictures of people who are wearing the ORANGE photo-free badge color.

Don't take pictures that include the photo-free area of conference rooms.

Please request permission from parents or guardians before taking pictures of minors.

If someone asks you not to take their picture, don't. If someone asks you to delete or un-publish a picture you have taken of them, politely comply.

Thank you!